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“I’ve owned a home for more than 25 years, and for the first time, on day last month, I had a water
overflow problem. I had gone down to my finished basement and detected a wet carpet area. I
tracked the source to the bathroom shower stall that was filled with standing water that had been
overflowing. A plumber determined it was the result of the main sewer line being clogged, and they
cleared it with a rotor and vacuumed and sucked up the remaining water. Because of a developing
odor, they recommended I contact a firm experienced in this kind of damage. After talking to the
company, and getting an outrageous estimate of thousands of dollars from them, I decided to try
and work on it myself. The next morning I was faced with a nearly overwhelming odor that
permeated the basement. I tried airing it out and got some stuff from the hardware store that did
nothing to solve the odor problem.

Fortunately, as I was telling my dilemma to a friend, he suggested a product that he used very
successfully for pet odor problems and he gave me some Sunzyme to try. I used it in a smaller
room, and after a couple of applications the odors were gone! I immediately, found you and had
you ship me some more Sunzyme, and it completely solved the odor problems. I don’t understand
enzymes and how the product works, but the basement is now not only odor free but there
somehow is a “freshness” that previously was not there.

Thanks for providing such a great odor eliminating product!”


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