“Wow! SUNzyme stain and odor control really packs a punch outperforming any other carpet cleaning product I have ever used! Simply pour/spray, work into carpet and watch as it tackles the stains and odor. I own a pet care business so you can image how thrilled I am to finally find a product that completely (and I mean completely) removes stains and odors. I also love the fact that it is organic, unscented and safe for pets. Thank you SUNzyme!”

DM , Woodstock,GA

“Thank you Sunzyme for helping me remove horse odors from blankets used on our horse during the winter months. When it came time to wash our horse’s blankets, they all still seem to retain a sweaty, urine odor. I had used Sunzyme previously at home, diluted, to wash my tile floors and loved the clean scent that permeated the house afterwards. I had washed our horse blankets as I normally do and was disappointed they still smelled, that’s when I decided to try Sunzyme diluted in the wash cycle – hurray, it worked beautifully! Sunzyme did a terrific job of eliminating the remaining sweat and urine odors . I was able to pack clean fresh blankets away until next winter. Now its time to order again for the coming winter months. We love Sunzyme!”

-Patta and daughter Kate
Owners of Radical Royal, a beautiful Paint show horse.

“I have been using “Sunzyme-stain and odor control” products since December 2008. My Staff and I found that the performance of these “green stain and odor products” was superior to the solution we were using in the past. Also, this highly concentrated formula is about 1/3 the cost of Urine Off. Recently we began retailing these products at our checkout with many repeat sales and positive feedback. I would recommend these new products to my fellow Veterinarians and their staffs for use in there hospitals and to build customer loyalty.”

-Sincerely, MG DVM
Towne and Country Veterinary clinic

“I have had an ileostomy since 2005. I am a professional sales representative with the job
responsibility of presenting, demonstrating, training and speaking to large groups to close
my sales. I suffered the embarrassment of odor control for four of those five years. When
I was introduced to the SUNzyme product like I was happy to try something new.

I have used the SUNzyme spray with some success for room odor control. I have been
very pleased with the concentrate for both toilet and ileostomy bag odor control.

The industry ostomy suppliers provide various odor control liquids that offer a perfume
results. One drop of the SUNzyme concentrate placed in both the toilet and bag eliminate
the odor completely. I now travel with a small dispenser of SUNzyme concentrate in my
ileostomy bag replacement kit and my brief case so that where ever I need to go, I will not
be embarrassed when I need to empty by ileostomy bag.

I also have added a few drops of the SUNzyme concentrate to the SUNzyme Spray to
increase the effectiveness and have greatly appreciated the results in my home and office
toilets. I am no longer in fear of someone following me to a facility.”


“I have been using Sunzyme stain and odor control in my kennel and home for the past 6 months.

I love it! I’ve share it with other dog and cat people and I always get a positive reaction. It does an amazing job on kennel floors and crates. Any urine that is there is completely gone with this product. The air spray works completely clearing the air of odors and doesn’t use a mask/scent to cover the odors.”

-Valerie M

“I’ve owned a home for more than 25 years, and for the first time, on day last month, I had a water
overflow problem. I had gone down to my finished basement and detected a wet carpet area. I
tracked the source to the bathroom shower stall that was filled with standing water that had been
overflowing. A plumber determined it was the result of the main sewer line being clogged, and they
cleared it with a rotor and vacuumed and sucked up the remaining water. Because of a developing
odor, they recommended I contact a firm experienced in this kind of damage. After talking to the
company, and getting an outrageous estimate of thousands of dollars from them, I decided to try
and work on it myself. The next morning I was faced with a nearly overwhelming odor that
permeated the basement. I tried airing it out and got some stuff from the hardware store that did
nothing to solve the odor problem.

Fortunately, as I was telling my dilemma to a friend, he suggested a product that he used very
successfully for pet odor problems and he gave me some Sunzyme to try. I used it in a smaller
room, and after a couple of applications the odors were gone! I immediately, found you and had
you ship me some more Sunzyme, and it completely solved the odor problems. I don’t understand
enzymes and how the product works, but the basement is now not only odor free but there
somehow is a “freshness” that previously was not there.

Thanks for providing such a great odor eliminating product!”


“We have 5 large dogs that roam free in our fenced acre plus lot, They seem to “potty” in the same areas around the property. I add Sunzyme to my garden feeder and spray these areas 1-2 times per month, it eliminates odors on contact and will not harm my pets! Great Product.”

-Thanks, Tony M.

“We love pet owners because their 4 legged friends provide us with many opportunities for business However, we at HughesDry derive a great deal of satisfaction in leading our customers on how to help themselves.

Says Larry Hughes founder of HughesDry, carpet cleaning, in Atlanta, ” a major part of our job is educating our customers especially with regard to treating pet accidents”. Whether we conduct business or not with a caller concerned about there pet accidents, we try to impress upon each pet owner to invest in some extra insurance when it comes to pet accidents. That insurance is having a bottle of Sunzyme www.sunzyme.com on hand just in case an accident occurs.

One of the smartest things we did was to include a Sunzyme link on our products page of our web site so customers could order the product. In this way, we never have to inventory the product nor incur the expense of shipping or delivering it to them. Says Hughes “many of our customers are receiving their product the very next day.”

To us this is a win-win situation. Our customers wins because they are using the correct and effective product for their situation. We win because we know the Sunzyme product will not damage the carpet. Secondly the sunzyme product is so effective,we look smart! Says Hughes ” I truly believe that by making it easy for our clients to obtain an effective product and by providing free advice by phone, that our credibility is enhanced that leads to future business.”

-Larry Hughes of HughesDry carpet cleaning, Atlanta,Ga

“I am the Maintenance and House Keeping Director at an assisted living community, and I have been using the Sunzyme products on carpets and bathrooms for the elimination of odors for about four to five months now and it is by far the the best product I have come across in the five years I have been at this community. Well done Sunzyme.”

-Sincerely Anthony G.

“Sunzyme is not only a stain and odor control product that we sell to our clients, but also a product that we use ourselves for our services. As a professional pet waste removal company, we deal with many “smelly things” all day long. We use Sunzyme Stain and Odor Control in our daily operation, every time we clean and disinfect our tools and shoes. Between every property we spray Sunzyme on them to prevent nasty smells and stains before they are put back in our vehicle. People often ask us if our “poop mobile” smells because of our line of duty, but people who get into our vehicle are quick to notice that it smells better than most peoples personal vehicles! We can contribute all of that to Sunzyme. As a service, we clean and deodorize backyards and porches, and we pride ourselves in the quality of service we provide (and guarantee!). We would not use anything other than Sunzyme to ensure the quality of work that we provide. We highly recommend Sunzyme for businesses, homes, or just for the every day use! I personally even use the stuff in my running shoes and laundry basket!”

Thanks Mark!



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