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How To Buy Odor Neutralizers And Stain Removers:

Jun 13, 2015   //   by Mark Fowls   //   Blog  //  No Comments

How-To by Sunzyme

When deciding on which of the many products to buy with a view to neutralize odors and remove stains, just do the following:

  1. Look beyond the tantalizing logos and colorful labels bearing golden seals of approval; many will promise a 100% money back guarantee if the product fails to remove all unwanted stains and odors. Just by reading the ingredients on the back of the label you’ll be able to determine if the product can ‘deliver on its promise’.
  2. Look to see how many enzymes and bacterial strains the solution contains; it’s that simple.  You don’t need to understand what an enzyme is or what it does, all you need to know is how concentrated the solution is.

Not to be funny, but unless the product has a mega dose of enzymes which have been cultivated from several bacterial strains – you may not have a solution to your problem – you may just have a container full of liquid.  True, it may help in the short term; the stain and odor may seem to disappear, but the proof that the enzyme solution failed to eliminate them will soon turn up along with the temperature!   Summer heat and humidity will cause the residue of urine, feces or vomit to activate.  This is true for both humans and our friends with paws!   The bad smell can even become worse than it originally was and instead of having just a smelly room you could end up with a stinky house!

If the unwanted stain & odor, that seemed to be gone when the carpet cleaners left, returns after awhile… then you’ll know that the product used was inadequate to the task.  Sometimes the reason for this is simply because not enough solution was applied.  That’s not to ignore the fact that the enzymes needed to remove unwanted stains and odors, are specific; the ones that remove the acids found in vomit will not necessarily remove the proteins present in urine or feces.

Think about it; if a dog has a bladder capacity of a pint or so, this will soak the carpet where the dog peed.  Add to this that the living enzymes and proteins present in an animals urine is used for marking territory and does so for an undetermined amount of time, why would we think that we can just spray on it and hope to eliminate it?

Substances such as urine, feces, and vomit from both pets and humans are organic and living.  That’s why they continue to emit unwanted smells long after they’ve left the body.  As living and organic substances, they respond to heat and humidity.  You could say that the heat activates the enzymes and causes them to grow…then, of course, that emits the smell we want eliminated!

The best way to test how effective your carpet cleaners are is a simple one.  Once the carpet is dried, let your dog back into the room, if you don’t have a dog, borrow one and watch them make their typical beeline to the exact place where they or another pet fouled.  We may call that the ‘crime scene’ but the dog uses it to sniff out an entire encyclopedia of useful information.

If a concentrated dose of the required enzymes had been applied during the cleaning process, a pet would not be able to reenter the room and detect the precise location of the stains and odors.

No matter if you’re a commercial carpet cleaning company hired to clear up from a crime scene (a more serious one than a pet fouling),a pet owner with stains and odors you want rid of, or a baby boomer who is caring for aging and incontinent parents.   All you need to do is read the products label and buy the one that contains the highest number of enzymes cultivated from the most bacterial strains.

Neutralizing Instead Of Masking Household Odors

Jun 12, 2015   //   by Mark Fowls   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Sunzyme Odor NeutralizerEffectively neutralizing odors is not as simple as we thought it was!  Sounds like a simple problem that should have a simple solution, but it doesn’t.  Eliminating unpleasant odors requires that you know something about what’s causing them….really causing them!  That’s not obvious, even if you think you know where the unwanted smell is coming from.  We had several odors we needed to neutralize, and fast, because a family member was going thru an extensive course of chemo treatments and they spent most of the day convalescing in the living room – the house has an open floor plan and keeping the windows and doors open during winter was not an option.

With a large family and visitors coming and going to see the patient, the kitchen was a hub of cooking and baking activity which left the house was full, of what we thought were pleasant aromas!  However, the ‘patient’, undergoing the chemo, developed an acute sense of smell and he’d throw-up when odors would drift over to him where he lay in the living room.

We tried everything to eliminate the cooking smells; we researched online and turfed up many ways to do this. The first attempt was what we’d always done – buy a can of aerosol freshener and spray it into the air;  how simple is that?  Well, it’s wrong!  This only made him sicker.

If you want to know why this did not work, read the ingredients on those cans!  The perfumes in those, so called, ‘fresheners’ are actually ‘masking agents’ and they are highly toxic for some people and very unpleasant for some pets!  I found this very upsetting to think that we made our family member sicker when all we were trying to do was make the air fresher so he could breath without throwing up.

The suggestions we got from our google searches all promised to get rid of unwanted odors; here are just a few of them:


  1. Leave an open box of baking soda in the room – sprinkle it on the carpet and vacuum it up after several hours;
  2. Cut a few fresh lemons in half and set them around the room; if this fails, do the same with apples;
  3. Put vanilla on a few light bulbs and then turn them on;
  4. Boil two parts water and one part vinegar in the microwave to rid the house of smelly and clinging odors – the scent of vinegar will at first be everywhere but soon dissipates;
  5. Soak a piece of bread soaked in vinegar and leave it out in the room you want to remove the odors from;
  6. Grind citrus rinds in the garbage disposal to freshen the room;
  7. Removing human or pet urine and vomit from furniture or the carpet was what we really needed to know how to do!  Someone suggested that we remove what we could and then spray it with the 3 – parts cold water to 1-part vinegar solution then blot – don’t scrub it.  Repeat several times until it is removed. ( gee, what fun! )
  8. Burn botanical oils in appropriate burners; (could have been fun if it worked!)


Some things worked for awhile but nothing worked for our chemo patient;  that’s why we’re writing this for anyone who’s having the same problem.

We learned that enzymes produce bacteria, and a concentration of those bacterial strains are what’s responsible for removing both stains and odors!  It’s simple – fight fire with fire.

Bad smells are caused from bacteria, so we bought a product that kills the bacteria and that safely dealt with our problem.  We found this one called, ‘SUNzyme Organic Stain & Odor Control.

We didn’t look at all of the products making that claim, but we tested a few by first reading the labels and then picked the ones that listed the highest concentration of enzymes per gallon.

Good Luck!

Don’t Mask Pet Odor & Stains – Remove Them!

Apr 12, 2015   //   by Mark Fowls   //   Blog  //  No Comments
Sunzyme Stain & Odor Eliminator


Removing pet stains and neutralizing odors should top the discussion list when the family’s meeting turns into a lively discussion on what breed of dog is going to join the happy family!

Of course, endless Google searches are conducted about all things ‘pets’: pet food, pet trainers, pet hotels, pet groomers – even pet clothes!!  But no one conducts the search for ‘who’s going to clean it up and who’s going to figure out how to get rid of the stink and stain it leaves?’  Not a particularly savory subject but the first one we should have when considering the ‘whoopsies a new puppy frequently delivers!

While discussing how “cute” the little doggie is going to be – who wants to discuss “how to remove urine and excrement stains from the white carpet.”  Someone should do the research because the most emotive scenes that’ll soon be happening in that family (after the world’s most adorable puppy arrives) are: ‘when it pees and poos everywhere but where it should!  Or  – it chews ‘things’ that are not food and the ‘things’ end up looking like a paper shredder processed them!

But wait!  Before the pooch arrives with its inevitable pees and poos -someone thought to type in a Google search:

“organic pet and people friendly, odor eliminator and stain remover”

…and voila, a spray gun loaded with SUNzymne is sent to the rescue!

Okay,… seriously – do yourself a favour and buy just one bottle of this and you’ll save a small fortune on the dozens of similar products which all promise the same results and yet leave you with the scent of urine the next dog will sniff out and then mark with a new one!

Here are a few facts for you to compare with the other products available:

What is the product ’SUNzyme’ comprised of?


Five Different Strains Of Bacteria Cultures

▪             ( find out how many strains similar products have; these ‘bacteria cultures are the enzymes that eat and attack the organic matter that is the cause of stains & stench.  Each enzyme is cultivated to do a specific job.)

 200 Billion Live Enzymes Per Gallon

✓          ( check out how many the other similar products have! This product is biodegradable, perfume free, organic and once you try it you’ll discover that no other product actually eliminates odors like Sunzyme)

Unscented Botanical Oils

           ( these are used in place of the usual, industrial perfumes also known as “masking agents”; these toxic chemical ‘perfumes’ just sit on the odors, they don’t eliminate them, and they are injurious to our health, especially of the young and elderly)

To recapitulate:

All the special features of SUNzyme is best discussed when you learn about the companies that use it and keep it permanently stocked.

Since our products are organic and biodegradable they’re safe to apply around people and pets – that’s why we have several carpet cleaning companies that buy our product by the pallet load!

Plumbers use Sunzyme to eliminate smelly drains and treat basement areas that have flooded.

Equestrian Centers apply it to horse blankets and tack which deals with the scent of sweat that eventually permeates anything that is used on or around horses.

Kennels, Vets & Dog Breeders use it to deodorize unpleasant scents and remove stains when nothing else will!

Hotels, Motels & Landlords have a new place to use this product every time someone checks out or moves out!

Second Hand Clothes Shops apply it to garments as well as to freshen boots & shoes;

Kitchens, Restaurants, Health Clubs, and Spas – just to name a few more places that you can count on SUNzyme to be your super saver and super stain and odor remover!

If SUNzyme sounds like it may be the solution you’ve been looking for, the get in touch with us today and let’s discuss what we can do to help!

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