Personal Assurance


Are you a caregiver?

Does your parent or loved one experience issues with incontinence?

Is there a constant problem with odor or smells?

Is your patient increasingly alone and avoided by others due to mal-odors created by their condition and beyond their control?

Sunzyme utilizes 5 different types of enzymes to eliminate urine stains and odors in collection bags, fabrics, carpet, bedding etc.

Sunzyme-Personal Assurance is made for incontinence issues.  This natural formulation is organic, natural, nontoxic, nonflammable and highly concentrated. Our product is 100% guaranteed to work for you.

Welcome back to life.  Fixing the problem of odor and urine smell can dramatically improve your patient’s quality of  life.


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Feel free to email or call with questions. We are completely discreet and your communication is completely confidential.




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