Just wanted to send you a quick letter regarding the Sunzyme product. What a great product that does exactly what it is supposed to do. I have two dogs at home, and sometimes they make mistakes. The Sunzyme product completely eliminated the smell. Also, another application that I have found for the product is that I will spray the Sunzyme directly into my heating an air intake to “freshen” up my home. I spray it directly into the exchange while it is running, and shortly there after my house starts to smell fresher. One other thing that I wanted to comment on is the safety of the product. I was pumping up the bottle and accidentally hit the spray trigger, which happened to be aimed directly at my eye. Much to my relief nothing happened. No stinging, no irritation, no nothing. This truly is a safe odor removal product.

— MLP, Atlanta, GA

Thanks, Sunzyme…

I have used other sprays to cover and try to kill the cat odor on my screened-in porch, but they never really got rid of the odor….they just kinda covered it up. With Sunzyme, I can spray my porch, and within 5 minutes, the odor is gone. No residual scent either. I use it once a day, and it really eliminates that cat box ammonia smell.

—J.J., Dunwoody, GA

Just wanted to let you how happy I am with Sunzyme. I have two small dogs and occasionally there are accidents. I typically saturate the carpet or rug where the accident happens and use a clean towel to soak up any extra product. Sunzyme quickly takes the odor out of the air and cleans the carpet like no other product on the market. The best part is that it is an organic stain and odor removal that is natural and easy on the environment.

Thank you for being so innovative.

—J.B., Buckhead, GA

My sons baseball bat was sprayed by a Skunk recently. We tried 5 different products and after much frustration (with no results) we tried Sunzyme and it worked! I am also happy to learn that Sunzyme is completely safe (all natural stain and odor control) to use around my kids and pets. Many thanks!

—A.R., Cincinnati, OH

I have personally used Sunzyme on our rental cars and have had great success. This product has a long lasting residual action. I used Sunzyme on the foulest of odors and it eliminated them. This product does not mask the odors. I would highly recommend this product to anyone needing to eliminate foul odors.

—M.H., Enterprise car rentals

“My boat suffers the smell dilemma of most … water, confinement and the elements. Sunzyme easily solved the problems I had with odor in my forward cabin, closets, and storage lockers. The other unusual problem is my Miluken Cockatoo. His area rug, an expensive variety, has been a consistent source of smells. Again this was solved with a simple treatment of Sunzyme after vacuuming. I highly endorse the product! Please send more!”

Best Regards,
—RM, St. Petersburg, FL

“I travel once or twice a week out of town and have to rent cars quite a bit. Unfortunately, some of this travel is in small towns where the rental car agencies service is quite suspect at best. I am a non smoker and any car that has been rented before me by a smoker creates such an awful fowl odor. Either the car rental company does not have another car without the smell or I do not have the time to exchange the car. Lately I started carrying Sunzyme with me and have been rather impressed by how well it works. Rather than cover up the odor with some other offensive odor, it will completely eliminate odor!”

Thank you Sunzyme,
—H.F., Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Sunzyme is truly one of the greatest and most innovative odor removal products available! My finance spilled 4 gallons of gas in the back of her new SUV and I was sure there was going to be no way to get it out. But after soaking up the excess and a liberal application of sunzyme, the odor was completely gone in less than an hour! Thank you sunzyme!”

—J. H., Sarasota, FL


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