“I was told about this product and of course was skeptical since I have tried many products for pet and smoke odors. I broke down and ordered some. I was beyond amazed at what it did!! I started with giving it a heavy duty challenge by taking to my neighbor who is having some problems with his dog doing his business all over his house and it had an awful odor and even worse stains on the carpet. We poured Sunzyme on several of the large areas and waited . It immediately started to make the stain go away . The next day I went over and the odor was better and the stains were almost gone. We did the whole house and after 2 days of treating every spot you could not smell the dog at all. The stains were almost gone, it was truly amazing. So after using the neighbor as a tester I started on my own home. My husband and I are smokers and I used it to wash my walls and sprayed it into my furnace intake my house does not smell of smoke and did a great job of cleaning my walls. This product is amazing. There is nothing out there that evencomes close for eliminating pet odors.”

-Tamby G

“I came across Sunzyme at a professional dog training seminar. I purchased some on a whim, and I was so impressed with its ability to neutralize pet odors that I decided to become a distributor.

When used as directed, Sunzyme does all it claims to do and more. In addition to recommending Sunzyme to my clients who struggle with housebreaking puppies or dealing with aging incontinent dogs who just can’t help themselves, I also recommend Sunzyme to my cat owners too. Many people have male cats who spray, and Sunzyme is perfect for removing odors of this nature. Personally, my cat sprays the inside, back of his litter box cover when he urinates – – he strains a bit due a past urinary blockage. Therefore, I spray the inside cover with Sunzyme daily, and Sunzyme literally dissolves all the urine residue and completely eliminates the urine odor!

Sunzyme is a great product. I would not go a day without it!”

—L.M., Owner of Pawsitive Practice Training, Alpharetta, GA

“My home is located in coastal Georgia. Our summer climate is hot, wet, and humid. Sunzyme is able to eliminate mildew odor in our garages and outdoor furniture with just one spray/application. The pump style bottle is unique. Thanks for helping us make our life more livable.”

—C.I., Savannah, GA.

I am writing in regard to the Sunzyme enzyme odor neutralizer. Prior to using the substance, my office was filled with a smoky odor as a result of smoke from other offices in the building where I am located. This not only bothered me, but I am sure it bothered some of my patients as well. Since using the product, I can leave the office at the end of the day without smelling like smoke and I am able to breathe comfortably throughout the day. I have definitely found Sunzyme to be a helpful aid in improving the environment of my medical practice.


—R.C.G., M.D., President

Dear Sunzyme

I have sensitive allergies, by spraying Sunzyme odor neutralizer in the air return vents of my home heating and air system I have greatly reduced my allergies. It just seems to wipe out anything in the air system that would make my allergies act up. I even use it in the car. What a life saver!

—S.H., Atlanta, GA

I am truly indebted to Sunzyme for helping me sell a great listing in Maineville. Though it is a gorgeous 6000 square foot contemporary home on 8 wooded acres, it had a musty odor that gave potential buyers the impression that it had a water problem. Sunzyme very effectively eliminated the musty odor and soon after using it the property sold. I would highly recommend it to real estate agents that are trying to eliminate odors in their listings.

—K. E. D., Real Estate Agent

What an amazing product!!! Like most fathers, one of my responsibilities is to change the bag in the dirty diaper pail. Previously, I used scented products that only worked for a minute or two. The smell from the scented products was worse than the diaper pail. I would have to open the window in the nursery to get rid of the diaper and scented products smell. I tried aerosols, plug in deodorizers, and stick on deodorizers with no success. Sunzyme changed all of this. A few sprays and the smell is completely gone!!! I now use Sunzyme in the nursery, bathroom, and trash cans. Thank you for saving my nose!!!

—A.F., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so grateful for being introduced to Sunzyme! It has completely taken care of my frustrating problem. I have a very special cat named Ti’Amo, who had a bladder infection. He started to have accidents everywhere, especially in my closet and dining room. I tried so many different odor eliminating products from the grocery store, the pet store, and even from my Vet to eliminate this strong odor, none of which helped. After trying at least seven different types of products, I was truly discouraged. I remembered hearing about Sunzyme but did not know if it would really help my problem. Well, I’m happy to say it definitely worked. It was so easy to use, I just sprayed the problem areas and let it dry. The awful odor disappeared. I am so thankful I found your product before having to replace my carpet. I think Sunzyme is GREAT!

—E.W. Norcross,GA

Dear Sunzyme,

As a dog owner and a compulsive neat freak, pet odor is always an issue. Or at least it was until I got Sunzyme! I can now proudly say that my home is odor free! I use it on everything, the couch, the carpet, the bed, and even in the car, absolutely everywhere. I even spray it on the dog after each bath!

—E.R., Alpharetta, GA

I am writing you to let you know how successful your Sunzyme product has been at our car wash. We have been selling Sunzyme at our checkout since January 1999, and are average 5-6 cases per month. Customer satisfaction has been extremely high as we constantly receive many compliments on this incredible car wash product. I would highly recommend this product to any car wash that wished to retail products, improve customer satisfaction and increase bottom line profits. Your honestly and straight forward approach is greatly appreciated.

—J. R., Cincinnati, OH


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