Don’t Mask Pet Odor & Stains – Remove Them!

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Sunzyme Stain & Odor Eliminator


Removing pet stains and neutralizing odors should top the discussion list when the family’s meeting turns into a lively discussion on what breed of dog is going to join the happy family!

Of course, endless Google searches are conducted about all things ‘pets’: pet food, pet trainers, pet hotels, pet groomers – even pet clothes!!  But no one conducts the search for ‘who’s going to clean it up and who’s going to figure out how to get rid of the stink and stain it leaves?’  Not a particularly savory subject but the first one we should have when considering the ‘whoopsies a new puppy frequently delivers!

While discussing how “cute” the little doggie is going to be – who wants to discuss “how to remove urine and excrement stains from the white carpet.”  Someone should do the research because the most emotive scenes that’ll soon be happening in that family (after the world’s most adorable puppy arrives) are: ‘when it pees and poos everywhere but where it should!  Or  – it chews ‘things’ that are not food and the ‘things’ end up looking like a paper shredder processed them!

But wait!  Before the pooch arrives with its inevitable pees and poos -someone thought to type in a Google search:

“organic pet and people friendly, odor eliminator and stain remover”

…and voila, a spray gun loaded with SUNzymne is sent to the rescue!

Okay,… seriously – do yourself a favour and buy just one bottle of this and you’ll save a small fortune on the dozens of similar products which all promise the same results and yet leave you with the scent of urine the next dog will sniff out and then mark with a new one!

Here are a few facts for you to compare with the other products available:

What is the product ’SUNzyme’ comprised of?


Five Different Strains Of Bacteria Cultures

▪             ( find out how many strains similar products have; these ‘bacteria cultures are the enzymes that eat and attack the organic matter that is the cause of stains & stench.  Each enzyme is cultivated to do a specific job.)

 200 Billion Live Enzymes Per Gallon

✓          ( check out how many the other similar products have! This product is biodegradable, perfume free, organic and once you try it you’ll discover that no other product actually eliminates odors like Sunzyme)

Unscented Botanical Oils

           ( these are used in place of the usual, industrial perfumes also known as “masking agents”; these toxic chemical ‘perfumes’ just sit on the odors, they don’t eliminate them, and they are injurious to our health, especially of the young and elderly)

To recapitulate:

All the special features of SUNzyme is best discussed when you learn about the companies that use it and keep it permanently stocked.

Since our products are organic and biodegradable they’re safe to apply around people and pets – that’s why we have several carpet cleaning companies that buy our product by the pallet load!

Plumbers use Sunzyme to eliminate smelly drains and treat basement areas that have flooded.

Equestrian Centers apply it to horse blankets and tack which deals with the scent of sweat that eventually permeates anything that is used on or around horses.

Kennels, Vets & Dog Breeders use it to deodorize unpleasant scents and remove stains when nothing else will!

Hotels, Motels & Landlords have a new place to use this product every time someone checks out or moves out!

Second Hand Clothes Shops apply it to garments as well as to freshen boots & shoes;

Kitchens, Restaurants, Health Clubs, and Spas – just to name a few more places that you can count on SUNzyme to be your super saver and super stain and odor remover!

If SUNzyme sounds like it may be the solution you’ve been looking for, the get in touch with us today and let’s discuss what we can do to help!

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