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What Makes Sunzyme Better and Unique?

Sunzyme stain and odor control is a natural blend of 5 different enzyme-producing bacterial strains that are safe and effective for the elimination of organic stains and odors. Sunzyme removes stains and odors from carpet , wood, concrete, clothing, bedding and more. Sunzyme is safe to use around people and pets (non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable).

At over 200 billion enzyme-producing Colony Forming Units (CFU) per gallon it is highly concentrated and can be diluted 1:1 or 2:1 with warm water. This makes Sunzyme economical. Sunzyme breaks down organic matter such as fats, grease, urine, cellulose, carbohydrates, starches and uric salts. Sunzyme is the choice of professional carpet cleaners nationwide and is also used by pet owners, nursing homes, assisted living, home health care, hotels, apartments, vacation rental, automotive and boat detailers and more.

Sunzyme Stain and Odor

“a blend of natures enzymes that are safe and effective for the elimination of organic stains and odors”

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Sunzyme Odor neutralizer

odor neutralizer

“a water based odor neutralizer consisting of a blend of natural oils which have been formulated and distilled”

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“I came across Sunzyme at a professional dog training seminar. I purchased some on a whim, and I was so impressed with its ability to neutralize odors that I decided to become a distributor.

When used as directed, Sunzyme does all it claims to do and more. In addition to recommending Sunzyme to my clients who struggle with housebreaking puppies or dealing with aging incontinent dogs who just can’t help themselves, I also recommend Sunzyme to my cat owners too. Many people have male cats who spray, and Sunzyme is perfect for removing odors of this nature. Personally, my cat sprays the inside, back of his litter box cover when he urinates– he strains a bit due to a past urinary blockage…

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